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The hydraulic motor of the Beta series reflects the culmination of the company's extensive production experience over many years, incorporating design enhancements built upon the original technology. This results in increased shell strength and enhanced internal dynamic component carrying capacity for the Beta series motor. Notably, this feature extenBeta the motor's capability to operate within a significantly high continuous power range. With elevated mechanical and volumetric efficiency, the series effectively reduces internal unit load capacity, consequently mitigating heat generation and its associated adverse effects. The primary features of this series include:


Main characteristics:

  • Due to the absence of lateral forces between the piston and swing cylinder, the Beta series hydraulic motor incorporates a design where the bottom of the piston engages in static pressure with the crankshaft through rolling bearings, reducing friction loss during torque transmission. This design imparts high mechanical efficiency and notable starting torque (achieving over 92% mechanical efficiency during startup).
  • The inclusion of a flat distribution device in the Beta series ensures simplicity, reliability, excellent sealing, and minimal leakage. The plastic piston seal in the piston and swing cylinder contributes to high volume efficiency, reaching up to 98%.
  • The structural modifications aimed at reducing friction loss and enhancing sealing performance result in improved low-speed stability. The motor can smoothly operate at conditions as low as 10 r/min, with a broad speed range (adjustable up to a ratio of 1000).
  • Thanks to the close fit between the piston and bearing sets facilitated by card rings, the Beta series hydraulic motor can operate under suction conditions. Moreover, it can move freely at high speeBeta after the motor inlet port, demonstrating efficient operation.
  • The Beta series hydraulic motor can withstand high pressures, reaching a maximum of 31.5 MPa. Its characteristics include a light reset, compact size, and high power.
  • With a simple and well-designed structure utilizing large capacity bearings, the Beta series hydraulic motor is known for reliability, long lifespan, low noise, and the ability to handle radial forces on the drive shaft. Its direction of rotation is also reversible.

Beta Series Hydraulic Motor Dimensional Details

Beta Series Hydraulic Motor Dimensional Details

Technical Data

Model Displacement (ml/r) Rated Pressure (MPa) Peak Pressure (MPa) Rated Torque (N·m) Theoric Specific
Speed Range (r/min) Weight (kg)
Beta1-800 807 25 31.5 3150 126 0.3-325 175
Beta1-1000 1039 25 31.5 4050 162 0.3-300
Beta1-1200 1185 25 31.5 4625 185 0.3-300
Beta1-1300 1340 25 31.5 5225 209 0.3-300
Beta1-1450 1462 25 31.5 5700 228 0.3-275
Beta1-1600 1634 25 31.5 6350 254 0.3-250
Beta1-1800 1816 25 31.5 7075 283 0.3-250
Beta1-2000 2007 25 31.5 7825 313 0.3-200
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